Two-Bedroom, Two bathrooms Secondary dwelling unit in San Mateo 800 SFBay ADU

About the ADU

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  • ADU Category Secondary dwelling unit
  • ADU Type Two-Bedroom, Two bathrooms
  • Square Feet 800
  • ADU Location San Mateo, California

So, we’re pretty excited to announce about the completion of another secondary dwelling unit in San Mateo that has an area of about 800 square feet. The client had some vision in mind and wants us to design the accessory dwelling unit that must have high-end and luxurious features. Originally the requirement was of two-bedrooms having attached bath.

So, as a team that specializes in AUDs, we were up to the task!

The process starts by planning and making sure that we fully understand the client’s vision. After detailed discussions and deliberations, we were able to take their idea and turn them into a detailed design plan. Because we carefully collaborated with the client; the design were on-spot and the client was pretty thrilled to commence the work.

We emphasize and advices our clients; the do their homework and enlist the features and requirements to finalize the scope of work. Proper planning is crucial for success of any construction project. Although the client had no issues with budget but still we helped in preparing and determining the budget. We finalize the size and scope of the project; including materials and finishes that goes best.

Our designers take care and consider the existing property and the surroundings while designing the outlook of the secondary dwelling unit. That’s how we were able to deliver luxurious ADUs that perfectly complemented our client’s property.

The site preparation took some time as the lot was not leveled. Anyhow, we clear the site and prepare the foundation as per structural requirements. Because of level issues we opted for piers and posts foundation.

Once the foundation was taken care of, we moved to the framing. Because the design was final, we just followed the framing plans of walls, roof, as well as interior partitions. Alongside, we were able to carefully mark and install the wiring, plumbing, and other outlets with switches.

To ensure energy efficiency and comfort, we used high-quality insulation and drywall. The insulation was applied along the walls, ceilings, and the floors. Afterwards, our team of drywall expert moves in to finish materials on the walls and ceilings.

Now because the client emphasized a lot on the finishing; so we again visited the project with the client to reconfirm about finishing touches. The client opted for more natural wood textured vinyl tiles. The flooring took us few days before we were able to install cabinets, countertops.

In the meanwhile, our team of plumbers were able to take care of the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. Once we were sure that all finishes and fixtures were completed as per design requirement; we asked the client for walkthrough.

The client was pretty happy with the final product, and we were proud to have exceeded their expectations.

So, you see how we put efforts in all the steps of the project. We never miss a detail and our team of professionals knows how to tackle challenges of ADUs.

Our team at SFBayADU can help you create additional income through rentals or provide a space for aging parents or adult children. ADU is a valuable investment. So, what you’re waiting for? Invest today; talk with our team and learn more about the benefits. We’ll help you bring your vision to life.