One bedroom, One Bath Backyard cottage in Sunnyvale 500 SFBay ADU

About the ADU

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  • ADU Category Backyard cottage
  • ADU Type One bedroom, One Bath
  • Square Feet 500
  • ADU Location Sunnyvale, California

Looking for a relaxing backyard cottage in Sunnyvale? Here’s how we completed our recent project of backyard cottage. When we first visited the client’s property, we were sure that it has the potential for a beautiful and peaceful backyard cottage. But that happened just because we worked closely with the client in understanding their vision and needs. Our design team came up with an awesome design that not just incorporated preferences but also has the creativity and vision.

The main aspect of the project was a spacious bedroom with bathroom designed for modern touch and sleek features. It has a spa-like shower that’s perfect for a relaxing experience. And the bedroom had large sliding windows offering plenty of natural light. You can enjoy the serene views of the outdoor garden from your bedroom.

The client demanded modern contemporary design overall with luxurious decor elements and elegant outlook. They want this ADU for guests and so they demanded to have all the high-end devices, features, and appliances.

The client was aiming to use this ADU for accommodating guests and their elder son who’ll be visiting them during vacations. So, we tried to add the luxurious feel of the space with warm and inviting ambiance that guests will love.

The flooring gives the wood effect with luxury vinyl tiles. It offers the perfect combo of functionality and aesthetics. The client wants durable flooring and LVT is a versatile choice that not just withstands heavy foot traffic but also resists stains, spills, and scratches. But the best part is that it’s pretty easy to maintain.

Now if you move into the kitchen, it is equipped with all modern appliances. Vertical grain style kitchen cabinets offer plenty of storage space for guest’s belongings. That’s where our attention-to-detail policy comes handy. We tried our best to incorporate features that can make kitchen both functional and practical. The client actually loved the open floor concept giving seamless experience while cooking and dining. Guests will appreciate the plenty of counter space area while serving or cooking food. We had only 500 square foot in area but with adjustments in floor plan we were able to make it feel more open and spacious without feeling cramped.

To make the ADU well-lit, we incorporate artificial lighting in the form of recessed lights and hanging sleek chandeliers. It not just adds the ambiance of the space but also provide ample light to create a cozy atmosphere.

The sliding doors and windows offer easy access to the backyard and so the guests can enjoy stunning unobstructed views. We used the neutral tone throughout the ADU that helps creating a calming environment. This will let guests feel more relaxed and at ease during their stay.

In our projects, we’re committed to utilize modern and energy-efficient materials that are sure to make construction sustainable and durable. The maintenance is also easy and simple. From roofing, flooring, to insulation; we utilize high-quality certified materials with modern construction techniques and methods.

So, what are your thoughts on our recent works? If you also want to have such a guest house for your property; give us a call. We’ve got unlimited designs and choices. We’re sure to put a plan that’ll go in line with your budget and design preferences.