Why ADU?

Extra Income and increase property value

Our clients are able to generate over $2,000 monthly rental income on their ADUs in the Bay Area and increase the value of their house by adding additional legalized livable space..

About us

We created our company because we saw the value of helping owners generate more income and maximize their properties by building ADUs. The current process is very cumbersome so we have developed a one stop shop from permits to construction. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and make a difference in our communities.

Why us?

We are a 15 year old, full service organization where you won’t have to pull in a separate architect, manage contractors, work with the city, or work with structural engineers.

Join Us

We are always looking to spread the word about the benefits of ADUs in the Bay Area. If you would like to help spread the mission, contact us for more details.


Whether for your future tenants or your family members, you will have the peace of mind of not having shared walls and having a separate entryway.

Downsize without having to sell your property

Build your future home as you downsize. Many clients are wanting to move into the ADU themselves and rent out their primary homes for significantly more income.


My Happy Clients!

They are interested in building an ADU. and I amreferring her over to you, since you did an amazing job to our ADU.
Bay Area Customer


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