Two-Bedroom, Two bathrooms Mother-in-law suite in San Jose 1 750 SFBay ADU

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  • ADU Category Mother-in-law suite
  • ADU Type Two-Bedroom, Two bathrooms
  • Square Feet 750
  • ADU Location San Jose, Bay Area, California

Are you looking to entrust constructing a mother-in-law suit in San Jose? If yes, you’ve just arrived at the right place. We’re experts in construction of eco-friendly mother-in-law suits with emphasis on making it comfortable and accessible for aging parents.

This recent project is for one of our client, who wants their aging parents to stay close and have connection while keeping their privacy. The client wanted an independent living suit and wants us to add features that will help their parents to live without much assistance.

We at SFBayADU, planned the project and paid attention to the details. Our designers considered accessibility and eco-friendliness from the outset. And that’s why the client was pretty happy with the outcome. Their parents were also loved the comfort and safe living spacing. That’s ideal to enjoy peace of mind as your parents can maintain the independence and enjoy the time with family.

Making mother-in-law suits accessible and comfortable

So, if you’re also considering building a mother-in-law suit to your property; here’re some tips that you can incorporate to make it comfortable and accessible:

  • Choose an easily accessible location: It is essential when designing a mother-in-law suite to select an accessible space, ideally on the main level or with elevator access; otherwise ensure there are handrails on both sides to provide added safety.
  • Opt for Wide Doors and Hallways: One key element of accessibility is making sure all of the doors and hallways can accommodate wheelchairs or walkers easily, giving your loved one more independence when moving around independently. This can help them access facilities independently.
  • Install Grab Bars and Handrails: Grab bars and handrails are an important aspect of accessibility, offering support in areas like bathrooms and bedsides where your loved one may require help. Even discreet models can make an enormous difference to safety and accessibility.
  • Establish a Step-Free Entrance: For accessibility purposes, creating a step-free entryway into the mother-in-law suite is key. This can be accomplished either through building a ramp or installing zero-step entry. When building the ramp or zero-step entry, ensure it has a nonslip surface so as to provide maximum safety.
  • Opt for non-slip flooring: When selecting non-slip surfaces, choosing the appropriate flooring is also crucial. Look for options such as vinyl or tile that is slip-resistant yet easy to maintain, rather than carpet or other forms of carpet that could make navigation challenging for those using wheelchairs or walkers.
  • Consider the Layout: When planning a mother-in-law suite, its layout is also essential to its accessibility. Be sure that the bathroom can be reached directly from the bedroom and that all kitchen and living spaces are clear of unnecessary clutter or obstacles that would impede free movement around them.

Eco-friendly features

At SFBayADU, we take sustainability very seriously, which is why we were thrilled to include eco-friendly features into our mother-in-law suite project. By employing these tips we were able to design a space that not only offers comfort and style but is also responsible to the environment.

As our first step, we installed energy-efficient appliances that use less electricity and help lower carbon emissions. We selected appliances certified by Energy Star that use 10-50% less energy than standard models - saving both the environment and money on energy bills!

As part of our approach to designing the mother-in-law suite, we made sure to select sustainable materials. Reclaimed wood flooring and countertops reduced waste while giving the space an authentic rustic charm; additionally recycled glass tiles added an eco-friendly elegance that made a statement about sustainability in this unique space.

Natural light can help us reduce our energy usage and carbon emissions, so we created the mother-in-law suite with large windows and skylights to increase natural lighting levels and save on electricity usage while improving air quality and lowering our carbon footprint.

At our facility, we used only paints and finishes with low or no volatile organic compound content (VOC) to limit harmful chemical emissions into the environment and human health. By selecting these options for our clients' homes, we ensured a healthier living space.

At last, we elevated sustainability by installing a composting system into each project. Composting is an excellent way to reduce waste while producing rich soil for gardening - by installing either a bin in their backyard or creating an indoor composting system, we helped our clients reduce carbon emissions and live more sustainably.

Time to call experts

So, let’s create a comfortable and sustainable living space for yourself and your loved ones.

Reach out to SFBayADU now, and our experienced professionals can help make it come alive. Our goal is to deliver high-quality mother-in-law suites that are both functional and eco-friendly, so contact us without wasting the next second and let's start building the mother-in-law suite of your dreams together!