Two-Bedroom, One bath Granny flat in San Jose 800 SFBay ADU

About the ADU

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  • ADU Category Granny flat
  • ADU Type Two-Bedroom, One bath
  • Square Feet 800
  • ADU Location San Jose, Bay Area, California

With the need for housing is on the rise, we’re seeing a spike in rents and real-estate property. That’s where granny flat comes handy. They’re becoming popular as the homeowners can easily add extra living space and increase the value of their property.

A granny flat doesn’t mean it’s just for the aging parents. Rather it can serve many purposes. You can use granny flat as a dedicated home-office, a guest suite, or as a rental property.

Let’s discover the ultimate granny flat solution with SFBay ADU

Granny flats have come a long way since being seen as simple dwellings for elderly relatives. Now they are stylish, modern and can meet a range of needs; offering endless design opportunities. However, with so much choice and options out there it may be daunting knowing where to begin when designing one for yourself; here are the latest design trends for granny flats.

  • Open Concept Living Spaces: Open concept living is one of the newest trends in granny flat design, making a more spacious and welcoming living environment by eliminating walls and barriers and letting natural light and air circulate freely, providing ample illumination of an open floor plan, making movement simpler while giving off an airy ambience suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces in Granny Flats: Outdoor living areas have grown increasingly popular over time, particularly among granny flat residents. A well-planned outdoor living area can serve as an extension of indoor living areas allowing them to host guests or simply relax with family while taking advantage of fresh air and sunshine. Patios, decks and outdoor kitchens are popular choices that give residents access to fresh air while being an extension of indoor spaces allowing residents to make full use of this valuable asset.
  • Sustainable Design: Today, more homeowners are prioritizing sustainability in their design decisions for any space - granny flats are no different! By adding sustainable features such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems and energy-saving appliances to the design of their granny flat, they can reduce its environmental footprint while saving on utility costs and saving you money with reduced utility bills.
  • Smart Home Technology: Thanks to modern smart home tech, managing and monitoring your living space has never been simpler or safer. Granny flats can easily integrate voice-activated assistants, smart thermostats and automated lighting systems for added comfort, convenience and safety; making living there both functional and enjoyable.

Modern granny flats feature multifunctional spaces to maximize space utilization and foster greater flexibility within living environments. A home office could double up as guest quarters; or living areas could convert to bedroom spaces as needed - all for maximum utilization of available area and to ensure more flexible living arrangements. This design approach optimizes utilization while creating more flexible living environments.