One-bedroom Garage conversion in Redwood City 1 400 SFBay ADU

About the ADU

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  • ADU Category Garage conversion
  • ADU Type One-bedroom
  • Square Feet 400
  • ADU Location Redwood City, Bay Area, California

While living in some stunning natural beauty of Redwood City; you’re looking to enhance your livable square footage with garage conversion. Pat yourself on the back, as you’ve made a decision of a lifetime.

Because of thriving economy and outstanding education system; a lot of people are drawn to Redwood City in a couple of years. So, there’s a rise of demand in housing and that’s an ideal time to invest in garage conversion.

Why garage conversion?

Garage conversion, overall is an excellent solution for adding more space into your existing home without even the need to move.

Be it to have an in-home office or getting some extra bedroom; garage conversion can let you optimize your space usage without breaking the bank. Here’re some of the ways; we’re helping homeowners to get:

  • A high-end game room
  • An in-home office
  • Extra bedroom
  • Separate family room
  • A bathroom
  • Excersice room
  • Recording stuidio
  • An in-house sauna.

So, just pick a reason and we’re ready to offer unlimited ideas of transforming your space with free estimate on the go.

What we’re offering?

A lot of homeowners are now approaching our sales team with queries about ADU and getting most out of their existing garage or workshop.

Our latest projects

Here’re some of the latest projects that we’ve done for garage conversion:

Client: Wilson

This client was looking to turn the garage into a home gym and yoga studio. So, basically their garage had some structural issues but we did our best to tackle that and make it safe for the new construction. We added new flooring and lighting to make the space more functional. To contract the temperature, we added a split-system HVAC. Other works of the project involved adding full-length mirrors, installing sound system with built-in speakers and creating an enhanced entrance for the gym.

Client: Garcias

So, this client was looking to add more livable space by converting garage into a mother-in law suit. The scope of work included addition of insulation drywall, installing HVAC system, creating entrance, installing a kitchenette, adding bathroom with shower. We also added murphy bed with built-in storage solution. So, overall we helped Garcias to have a functional and comfortable living space for guests.

Client Nguyens

This nice couple was looking to create a playroom for their kids. So, we proposed all the kid-friendly space designs. For this project we added soft cushioned flooring, adding colorful wall coverings, adding large-screen TV, adding climbing wall, adding a mini ball pit and a dedicated storage for toys and gadgets.

The process

For any reason of garage conversion, it is important to do planning and execution carefully. That’s where a reliable contractor comes handy. Here’re an outline of the typical process:

  • Designing the space
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Finalizing drawings
  • Completing the construction work
  • Giving finishing touches
  • Final acceptance

It is pretty important to work with a reputable contractor who has experience in your local area. Such companies not just offer guidance for layout of your space but they can also let you meet all the conversion building codes and regulations.

Hiring an amateur contractor will not only do shoddy workmanship but also can ruin your entire project.

What’s the timeline?

The actual timeline for garage conversion projects depends a lot on what you want to achieve. The timeline to convert garage into a living room will be different from that of an in-house video game studio.

So, first try to enlist your priorities and convey that to our sales team. We’ll try to optimize the timeline and let you know how much time the project will take.

In most of the cases, conversions to just get more open space needs less time. You can use that additional space to store appliance and work tools. But if you want to convert that garage into an apartment or getting a fully-equipped workshop; such a project will take extra time.

So, we can say that overall such projects take from anything between few days to few weeks.

The timeline also depends on the size and condition of your existing garage. If there’re certain damages that needs correction; the project might be extended just in case.

Time to call experts

So, if you’re also looking for garage conversion services in Redwood City, we’re here to help. Our team of experts are always willing to lessen the stress of your next conversion or remodeling projects. Get your quote today or hit us an email about your requirements.