One-Bedroom Carriage House In Palo Alto 400 SFBay ADU

About the ADU

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  • ADU Category Carriage house
  • ADU Type One-bedroom
  • Square Feet 400
  • ADU Location Palo Alto, Bay Area, California

We’re proudly announcing our another accomplished project i.e. an impressive one-bedroom carriage house in the heart of Palo Alto, Bay Area. We appreciate the hard work, dedication, and commitment of our team members.

It’s an impressive dwelling unit with unique and eye-catching addition to the existing property. Let’s have a quick look at some unique features of the project.

It comprises of 400 square foot space that’s packed with modern appliance. Some of the outstanding features include open-floor concept, contemporary décor with sleek and contemporary outlook. Its unique features and stunning looks make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The client was an adorable couple who want the ADU to have full of modern appliances. So, we’ve got the kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances like a refrigerator, oven, and microwave. Yet it was designed to maximize space usage still being stylish. The kitchen has adorable and spacious cabinets offering ample storage for all the cooking essentials and utensils. With convenience of modern appliances and apt counter space; it is all set to make cooking effortless and enjoyable.

Another standout feature of the project is the open-floor concept. The living room and the kitchen offer seamless flow. It gives the space a spacious and welcoming feel, allowing easy movement around the house. The dining space is perfectly set for entertaining guests or simply relaxing after a long day at work. The glass sliding doors in the living room allow natural light to pour into the room, providing bright and airy atmosphere.

The décor, style, and arrangement make the space both relaxing and refreshing. On the client’s requirements, we’ve set the tone of décor as contemporary. So, it’s best for both simple and elegant design, with matching colors, clean lines, and light modern hues. It is ideal to have a cohesive and streamlines look throughout the space. The recessed lights adds to the modern feel of the house while also provide ample lighting for all the areas of the space.

Despite the modest size, the house’s unique and eye-catching design makes it stand out from the crowd. Along the interior, the house is also equipped with simple yet elegant exterior. The use of the glass gives this ADU a modern and minimalist aesthetics. The neutral color palette creates a calming and inviting atmosphere. The ADU is a perfect fit for people who appreciate simple yet functional and stylish design.

This one-bedroom carriage house in Palo Alto is a best display of how SFBayADU utilize innovative and high-quality construction practices. We’ve delivered our best in every way possible to satisfy our client; from designing and planning to construction and finishing.

Every aspect of the project is a pure depiction of how we as a company are committed to excellence in our services. This final product is a significant achievement of how we deliver beautiful and practical designs that are necessary to maximize space and functionality.

So, if you’re also looking to invest in such an eye-catching ADU, give us a call. Our team is always available to discuss your future plans and how and ADU might be the best pick for your future.