Two bedroom Backyard house in Fremont 1000 SFBay ADU

About the ADU

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  • ADU Category Backyard house
  • ADU Type Two bedroom
  • Square Feet 1000
  • ADU Location Fremont, California

So, here’re some stunning views of two-bedroom backyard house, the project we recently completed for one of our client in Fremont. It was pleasure working with such a beautiful couple. We designed the accessory dwelling Unit (ADU) and the outlook seamlessly blended with the client’s main residence.

As per client’s requirement, it was made as a modern and elegant design while maximizing space and providing comfortable living conditions for the family. With over 1000 sq. ft backyard house it did made to exceed their expectations.

The overall floor plan was designed to utilize open floor concept design. All the portion of the house was interconnected providing seamless flow. So, the living room, dining, and kitchen were designed to make space feel larger and more open.

In order to make space brighter and airy, we provided large windows to bring abundance of natural light. The kitchen was fully equipped with modern appliances, including a refrigerator, stove, oven, and dishwasher. Cabinets were custom-built with high-quality materials, providing ample storage for the client’s needs.

The client was demanding for two bedrooms; one they meant was for the elder kid while the other one they’re planning to use for guest. Each of the bedrooms was designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy.

One of the bedrooms was located next to the living rooms, providing easy access to the common areas of the house. Both bedrooms had large windows that provided plenty of natural light, and they were equipped with built-in closets for additional storage space.

The bathroom in this backyard house was carefully planned with elegance and functionality in mind, featuring modern sink, toilet, shower unit as well as custom built cabinets for storage purposes. A high-quality ventilation system also helped keep this space fresh and dry.

One of the key features of this backyard house was the outdoor living area. Our client wanted a place where they could both relax and entertain - we made that possible for them!

Backyard design included an inviting patio space complete with comfortable outdoor furniture and an inbuilt barbecue grill, along with exquisite landscaping comprised of plants and trees to create a tranquil, peaceful space.

Other features of this backyard house included a laundry area, dedicated parking space and modern heating and cooling system. The laundry area included both washer and dryer facilities to make doing laundry within the house easy for clients; its convenient parking spot provided easy access for clients; while its energy-saving heating/cooling system allowed clients to maintain comfort without incurring expensive energy bills.

Overall, this two-bedroom backyard house in Fremont, California proved both elegant and practical; providing its owner with an inviting living environment.

With its open concept design, modern appliances and stunning outdoor area, this backyard house was an impressive demonstration of good design and high-quality construction. As its contractor, I took great pride in contributing to bringing it to fruition; as I look forward to more projects similar to this in future years.