Two-Bedroom Backyard house in Daly City 750 SFBay ADU

About the ADU

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  • ADU Category Backyard house
  • ADU Type One-bedroom
  • Square Feet 750
  • ADU Location Daly City, California

While you’re with a limited budget, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your needs and wants. Here’s our recently completed two-bedroom backyard house in Daly City, California. This is a perfect example that you can easily have a functional and comfortable living space without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for an affordable living, there is plethora of pros in getting an ADU.

In our series of project displays, our today’s project is for a couple in Daly City that approached us with the aim to transform their backyard space in to a beautiful and cozy backyard house.

The couple was worried of their growing family and they want some self-contained living unit that can be near their main house but functional enough for their kid. This particular ADU backyard house comprises of one-bedroom with total square footage of 750 (medium-sized). This type of ADU is also suitable for homeowners looking for a smaller living space without compromising on comfort.

So, what we have loved about our client here is that they had a clear vision about what they wanted in their ADU. The client has already got some rough plans to show us and we enhance the functionality, comfort, and practically. But we tried our best to achieve their requirements without any high-end features.

Our design team commenced the design and they focused primarily on the bedroom. We utilized modern techniques to have a décor so the bedroom can be spacious, comfortable, and by all means functional. In order to create open and airy feel, we equipped the bedroom with large double-glazed sliding uPVC windows. Plus, to enhance the comfort we added plush bed with cozy linens.

Although the floor space was not that congested but still we added smart storage spaces so it can be easier to store personal belongings and the space can remain uncluttered.

Another important aspect of our project was to match the exterior of the ADU with the existing property. For that, we added creamy color textured paint that gives a perfect cohesive look overall. The client loved the way the colors and outlook of the ADU blends seamlessly with the main house.

To create peaceful and tranquil environment around the ADU, we incorporated plenty of landscape features including a delineated pathway and plenty of planters.

So, you see we always believe that building an ADU on budget doesn’t mean you should sacrifice on your dreams. Our team is always ready to accept such challenges with creativity and innovative design solutions. That’s why we’ve been open to communicate with our clients. Our team work closely with them to understand their vision and bring it to life.

In this project, we tried out best to create a functional space that has enhance aesthetic details without the need to incorporate high-end features.

We, as a team, take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality ADU’s that meet our client’s budget and other functional requirements.

So, if you’re also looking to build an ADU, we’d love to hear your vision and we’ll try our best to bring it to life.

Contact us today or head over to our services section to know more how we deliver quality services to build your dream backyard house.