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Kamal Hyder, the founder of SFBay ADU, was interviewed by Redfin for their blog on ADU Advice. Kamal shared his experience both for renters and retirees on how to create the perfect ADU design for your needs. 

As ADUs are small spaces, every trick that make them feel bigger makes a big difference. Enter big sliding doors that connect seamlessly the indoors and outdoors. Can you place you ADU in a picturesque spot on your property? Enter swimming pools – who does not like to look out at the peaceful water reflecting the rays of sun.

ADU as a pool house: consider a location that overlooks the pool, has bi-fold or pivot doors that provide indoor/outdoor living.

Kamal Hyder, Founder, General Contractor, SFBay ADU

ADU for renters: consider privacy and durable finishes in your design. Separate internet services to keep their searches and web traffic separate from yours. 

Kamal Hyder, Founder, General Contractor, SFBay ADU

People typically think about separating traditional utility bills. Our advice is to think smart – think about web traffic, too. Not sure how to separate bills? Ask us about additional water and power meters.

ADU for aging parents: consider a deck and a grilling area, and maybe a garden space. Provide a ramp and make the bathroom accessible and widen the doors so they can easily enter when using a walker or a wheelchair. 

Kamal Hyder, Founder, General Contractor, SFBay ADU

50% of our clients build ADUs for their parents. We understand the restrictions that age brings, have a specialist on board certified in home modifications and happy to share our expertise so that your ADU is ready for any event.

The team that will work with you at SFBay ADU covers all 12 tips that Redfin had mentioned. We are working hard so that your ADU construction project runs smoothly.

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