How we save you money on framing

We specialize in building the frame offsite, both for new homes and ADUs. This offers a number of advantages over traditional stick-framing onsite: you save money, we build faster, less materials are wasted, construction quality is higher.

Cost Savings

Factory-built projects allow us to bring up the frame with less staff. You save on labor costs. Panels are organized to reduce time finding materials, damage and theft.

Reduced Construction Time

Completion and move-in date is achieved more quickly. Completion dates are easier to predict and meet. Costs associated with construction loan interest are reduced. Delays caused by labor shortages or scheduling problems are reduced. Construction becomes more feasible year round, taking advantage of seasonal reduction in labor costs.

Savings on Materials

Waste and costly human error on the job site are eliminated – Less scrap on the job site reduces the associated labor cost for clean up – Volume purchasing by factory enables lower material costs – Working with the factory allows for accurate and guaranteed pricing.

Consistent Quality

Highly automated factory-controlled conditions result in consistent fit and finish. Working indoors under factory controlled conditions, framers have an easier time with exact building measurements and construction. With precision framing, a tighter fit is achieved for better insulation and blockage of air in-filtration.

What is not to like? See for yourself.

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