From ADU trenches

Kamal in ADU

This is a 2-bedroom 2-bath ADU that we are building.

We now have the frame together and have completed rough electrical, rough plumbing, and HVAC. So let’s do another quick tour! These trenches allow us to have four types of utility connections. Water, sewer, electric and gas.

In the 2020 Title 24 energy codes in California, gas is no longer allowed in detached ADU’s, so in the new ADUs we will be building will have electricity, water, and sewer. This ADU was permitted in 2019, when gas connections were allowed. Check out the sewer connection – we are required to go to the sewer lateral in front of the house. We’ve had to dig this sewer trench all the way from ADU to the front of the house to connect to the sewer connection.

You will see separate trenches for the sewer and for the water. In this particular city we are not allowed to put water and sewer in the same trench.

At certain given distances, we need to have to clean out of the sewer trench. Once we level the ground after we finish we will level the clean-out also to the ground so it will be much lower.

The ADU is behind me and the sewer trench comes all the way and connects to the ADU. This particular ADU is 900 square feet with a 100 square foot front porch. Maximum ADU size in most cities is 1000 SF – and that often includes covered porches. And in the front porch, our customer gets to decide the finishes on the columns.

So last time you were here there was no stucco on the outside of the ADU – we had the two by sixes and we added plywood since we visited last time. Since we shot this video last time we’ve covered it with two layers of stucco. Next, we will put the third layer of stucco which will match the texture and color of the existing home so this will change and will look slightly different. We have put a front door since you were here last time – come on inside and I’ll show you more details on the inside of the ADU.

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